11 Januari 2020: Cold day slalom

sunday 12 january 2020

After a few weeks just too cold to surf, today finally wind and 8 degrees. Sailed with iSonic 117 with S-Type 7.3 and SLX 43cm. Wind was too south again, but was not extremely gusty. It was good sailing. Sailed a few rakes with Hans Kreisel. Good to have sailed again. Season 2020 has begun. [Read...]

Windsurfing foto TODO

Windsurfing foto TODO

24 December 2019: Lovely winterday surfing

friday 27 december 2019

Finally a good surfing day. Wind at the Blokkendam was a bit disappointing. Sailed with JP SingleThruster 99 with Ice 5.3 and 21/13,5cm fins Wind was just too strong for the 5.3 at the beginning, at the end floating to the beach. Was a very good day, not cold at all. Sailed a lot without cap and gloves. Sometimes a short light shower. But certainly first hour of lovely sunshine. [Read...]

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08 December 2019: Sunny winter day at sea

monday 09 december 2019

20 to 40 knots wind predicted, after a front with showers the wind would become slightly less but more stable. To be sure started with the large board: JP SingleThruster 99 with Ice 4.7 and Select 21cm/K4 12cm fins. In the beginning a hard catapult. In the beginning, sailed with maximum trim, ended with less than minimum trim. First real winter session of the season. With a sleek blue sky it wasn't cold, wind good. Nice few hours of sailing. [Read...]

02 November 2019: Strong winds with tricky waves

sunday 03 november 2019

The whole week SW predicted, but as lately always: Wind ended up being South. Started with FSW 102 with Ice 5.3 and Makani 26cm. Behind the dam no wind, on open water too much wind. Time for something smaller: FSW 84 with Ice 4.2 and K4 Rockets 18/12cm. In the beginning the 4.2 was small, but slowly the wind increased until the 4.2 was too large. Stamina is not back yet, and in these circumstances it is heavy sailing. Nice to have a lot of wind again, hopefully soon again a good ZW instead of Z. [Read...]