Strapper is still alive

Tuesday 05 July 2022

They don't make windsurf boards anymore, but Strapper still exists. Paul van Bellen visited Strapper in Torquay in South Australia. Strapper is a surf shop, and they've been around for a very long time. Paul has made a nice documentary about it. Nice piece of windsurfing history. [Read...]


North Sails Proto from up close

Friday 03 December 2021

Pieter Bijl was photographed, up close, with a North Sails XOver proto. I haven't seen any pictures from that close. [Read...]

Photo for: North Sails Proto from up close

16 August 2021: Nice afternoon at sea

Monday 23 August 2021

I had expected to go to the Grevelingendam, ended up driving to the sea. Sailed entire afternoon with the Banzai 5.3. Almost all the time with the Goya One Pro 95. Tried the JP FSW 84 Pro again. I understand again why I have been a fan of the JP Freestylewave for so long. The Goya is clearly better at wave riding, and still fun for bump-n-jump, but the Goya is just bigger and jumps a little less easily. It was nice, in the beginning unfortunately still rain. But at the end clear blue sky. Few really good waves, but still quite a bit of jumping and also occasional waveriding. [Read...]

08 August 2021: Another fun afternoon at sea

Sunday 22 August 2021

After a nice Friday afternoon/evening wind was predicted for the entire Saturday. In the morning some showers, so after that it should be very good. Sailed with the Goya One Pro 95, Banzai 4.7 with 19/11 thruster set. In the beginning the wind was still fairly gusty, started with minimum trim, ended with over max trim. Waves were a bit variable, depending on the wind strength and direction: sometimes nice waves for waveriding. Sailed all day with the same set. Stopped because there was a heavy shower coming. I should have changed to the 4.2, at the end the 3.7 would have been better. [Read...]

Windsurfing foto TODO

Windsurfing foto TODO